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BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate No. Q05104.
BS EN ISO 9001:2015
Certificate No Q 05104

Corrugated Wind Shield

Protection for Personnel and Equipment

Corrugated Wind Shield Corrugated Wind Shield

The Locker Corrugated Wind Shield is used as a permanent solution for the protection of both personnel and equipment from the harsh weather conditions experienced both onshore and offshore in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Manufactured from perforated 316L Stainless Steel, the Wind Shield panel is a single layer construction which can reduce the wind speed across the shield by in excess of 62%, without affecting light transmission and ventilation.

Wind speed reduction can also be increased up to 72% with the addition of a secondary layer.

Wind and weather protectionHeat Protection Personnel ProtectionEquipment Protection
Protection from
Wind, Weather & Heat
Protection for
Personnel & Equipment

Key Features

Corrugated Wind Shield

Load Test Deflection Results

Load Test
Weight (kg)
Equivalent Wind
Speed (MPH)
Deflection From Start (mm)
Point A Point B Point C
0 0 0 0 0
120 60 10 2 2
240 85 17 4 4
360 103 23 5 5
480 118 30 6 6
600 132 40 8 9
720 143 65 10 11

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